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September 14, 2015
welcome to the posh body image

My body is a stuck-up bitch!

She likes organic green juice, calm and expensive yoga pants (knock-offs need not apply).


  • Normal people food (grains, dairy, sugar & nuts are not chic)
  • Not getting 8 hours of sleep (gf needs her beauty rest)
  • Stress, particularly of the people variety (ain’t nobody got time for that!)

When I treat her right, she’s a well behaved, although pampered & finicky, flower. When I don’t listen, it’s all out hysteria; Think autoimmune reactions, fatigue, migraines, digestive complaints and chronic pain.

When dealing with a health condition of any kind it’s easy for your personality (thoughtful, flexible and calm) to be overshadowed by your pain persona (demanding, rigid and anxious). It’s so common to lose sight of what is going well in your life when your days are full of doctors’ appointments and suffering.

The dichotomy between my high-maintenance body and easygoing me inspired The Posh Body.

The truth is everyone is somewhere on the spectrum between healthy and sick. Whether you suffer from daily chronic pain or a migraine every once and a while, we can all do more to be proactive in respecting our body’s needs, both physically and mentally.

Instead of seeing this as an obstacle, embrace your fabulously high-maintenance bod. At the same time, live your life to the fullest and don’t be defined by your condition; that’s what the Posh Body is all about.

Interested in learning more about my story as a young woman dealing with chronic pain?


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  • Reply Kasie Chelanne January 29, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    Hi Anna! I’m checking out your blog for the first time after seeing your post on Blog in Between. There is SO much helpful information here! I’m also dealing with chronic illness and trying to get my body balanced again after being seriously ill for the last nine months. Thank you for giving me hope and offering a different way of viewing my body’s ailments!

    • Reply Anna January 29, 2016 at 5:23 pm

      I’m so thrilled you’re here! Please let me know if there’s a topic you’re interested in hearing about or have any questions. Happy to help in anyway I can. Us posh bodies got to stick together ?

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